Generally, settlement professionals:

  • Provide information about the citizenship and sponsorship process.

  • Help clients identify the services they need.

  • Refer clients to education and training programs.

  • Help clients find the community services they need, such as legal help, medical services, financial assistance, housing, employment, transportation, and more.


Settlement professionals help newcomers to Canada understand their rights and responsibilities and find the programs and services they need. You meet with clients, assess their needs and give them support and information. You may help clients make plans for employment, education, housing, health care and more. You may work for a government agency, school board, library or other community organization. You may also be called a settlement counsellor or community service worker.


Another related job is «social service worker» but to use this title in Ontario, you must be registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. This profile does not have information about becoming a social service worker.